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Baba Indaba Sustainable Business Initiatives

Baba Indaba is committed to sustainable business.  In this respect we look at "the three P's - Prosperity, People and Planet. 

Obviously the purpose of business is to make a profit and business cannot sustain itself without reasonable profit but this should be done in a sustainable fashion by ensuring that neither people nor planet are exploited.

We therefore support the wider community as far as possible by careful selection of suppliers and by sponsoring a number of charities and developing businesses. 

Our concern for the environment and a livable planet for future generations has led to our involvement in a number of green initiatives within our own organisation and in the wider event industry. 

We have done this by examining and attempting to minimise the carbon footprints of :

  • Our Office
  • Each exhibition that we hold
  • Our exhibitors


What have we done for our Carbon Footprint?

The biggest impact that any exhibition has on the environment comes from

  • Electricity Consumption
  • Travel
  • Waste

Electricity Savings:

In the office:  By becoming more aware of the problem and switching off lighting, heating and air conditioning when not necessary we have substantial savings on our electricity consumption.

At exhibitions.  Stand lights are frequently left on at night at exhibitions.  We have rearranged our floor layout to ensure that the distribution points are easily accessible enabling us to switch lighting off.  This has resulted in reducing our electricity consumption by about 20% depending on the venue.

The actual electricity consumption is then measured and Renewable Energy Certificates (Carbon Offsets) are purchased by us on behalf of each individual exhibitor.  This means that all the energy consumed at our expos is generated by renewable energy sources.



Reducing Travel:

By being more selective in moving between the centres in the course of building the business and by the use of video conferencing technology we have avoided many flights.


Waste Management and recyclintg:

In the office we have contracted a company to fetch our recyclable waste on a weekly basis and have an ongoing awareness of minimising the unnecessary printing of documentation. 

To assist this we have ensured that our exhibition manual and service forms are available and can be completed online with no need to print bulky documentation packs.

At Exhibitions we will be encouraging recycling by providing labelled bins for recyclable waste and non-recyclable waste.  The waste disposal process at all of our venues ensures that the waste is properly handled and recycled.


Drinking Water

Filtered water coolers are supplied at various points around our exhibitions to provide this for visitors, especially thinking of pregnant women and to avoid the need to purchase bottled water.

Green Awards

In order to promote environmental consciousness amongst our visitors we have introduced awards at each of our expos for the "Most Green Product" on show"  Winners will be entitled to display our seal on their product packaging and advertising for a year after winning and then indefinitely with the year of award displayed.

This award is already highly contested and we expect it's stature to grow in the baby industry..

What have we done for the Community?

There are two main thrusts for our support of the community.  Support of charities and development of small businesses.

Charities and NGOs supported in the last year include:

  • The Children's Hospital Trust
  • Family Care
  • Return to Roots Foundation
  • Preemies for Africa
  • National Athsma Association
  • Breast Feeding Association

Our vision is to support the development of businesses by assisting new viable businesses, preferably in less privileged communities, to showcase their products and/or services at our exhibitions.  We are in the process of formalising the application and selection process to maximise the value to the community.   Thus far we have helped a number of small businesses including a start-up hair dressing salon who now have a thriving business, a home based industry making the most beautifully crafted decor products, and a small business providing catered picnics who have been very successfully promoting a healthy, family lifestyle.

Future plans!

We are only in the beginning stages of creating an integrated sustainable business charter and thus are continually improving our processes and examining where we can do better.  We have a great team who are all excited and motivated to provide input to this process.







Baba Indaba is a sponsor of the Event Greening Forum website

Baba Indaba is actively involved in promoting the greening of events.  We support the Event Greening Forum and and are a sponsor of the website.

Baba Indaba award for green products on show

Products entered for our prestigious "Green" award are judged at each of our expos